CSAM committees are led by and comprised of member volunteers. Each committee performs designated activities to further the mission of CSAM under the oversight of the Board of Directors.  

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Committee on Education

Prepares a long range plan and implement CME activities of CSAM; ensures that all CME activities meet the standards set by ACCME and the Institute for Medical Quality (IMQ); acts for the Society (with no action of the CSAM Board required) in all matters related to programs of continuing medical education.

Committee on Education Roster

Committee on Opioids

Make recommendations for CSAM and drafts policy statements for approval by the CSAM Board; makes the addiction medicine physician’s voice heard on legislative and regulatory matters affecting treatment for opioid dependence, issues policy statements and white papers, and recommends to the Committee on Education educational activities on the treatment of opioid dependence.

Committee on Opioids Roster

Committee on Government Affairs

With the guidance of CSAM’s policy advisor, prepares recommendations for positions on legislation and regulatory matters, issues position statements and initiates activities intended to influence public policy in California about matters related to treatment of substance use disorders, monitors legislative and regulatory activity at the Federal, State, and/or County levels; identifies other like-minded organizations and cultivates alliances.

Committee on Government Affairs Roster

Committee on Physician Well-Being

Reviews issues related to physician health and wellbeing; develops CSAM position statements; serves as a resource to hospital medical staffs and well-being committees needing guidance to inspire and rejuvenate referral efforts; speaks for CSAM at the Medical Board of California and at various regulatory meetings.

Committee on Physician Well-Being Roster

Committee on Communications

The Committee on Communications is responsible for all of CSAM’s regular publications such as the newsletter, email broadcasts, and the CSAM website, ensuring that each contributes to the mission of the Society and furthers its goals and objectives. The Committee on Communications exercises the final responsibility for and decision about the content of CSAM’s regular publications.

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Committee on Membership

The CSAM Membership Committee is primarily responsible for the recruitment of new members into CSAM. The Committee also promotes active participation among the membership. The Committee will monitor benefits and services, evaluate membership surveys, explore new benefits and make recommendations to the CSAM Board.

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Committee on Integration and Access to Systems of Care (IASC)

The committee works to achieve access to patient-centered, evidence-based, treatment for all patients at risk for substance related and addictive disorders, and includes a focus on access to treatment for the historically underserved. 

The committee will promote:

  1. Integration of evidence-based treatment and best systems practices across the spectrum of care—including primary care, medical hospitals, mental health, correctional, and specialized addiction treatment systems of care
  2. Elimination of barriers that prevent quality addiction treatment for all, including financial, ethnic and cultural, gender and sexual orientation, geographic, and professional ‘silo’ barriers.
  3. Promote adoption of health system performance standards related to SUDs

The committee will implement these goals through:

  1. Engagement with CSAM’s educational activities and collaboration with the Committee on your Education
  2. Facilitating CSAM membership involvement with these goals through venues, such as, the CSAM website, workshops, and conference talks
  3. Promote addiction medicine education and training standards for physicians and other clinicians who provide clinical addiction treatment services; when useful, inform the public of these standards of care
  4. Advocating for systems of care policy initiatives in conjunction with the Committee on Public Policy
  5. Reviewing guidelines and performance standards appropriate for implementation in California, and identifying other key organizations and stakeholders with whom CSAM should partner to achieve shared goals

Committee on Integration and Access to Systems of Care (IASC) Roster

Annual Conference Planning Committee

The Committee plans the annual CSAM conference that is one of the nation’s foremost annual gatherings of physicians and other healthcare professionals who specialize in the treatment of Substance Use Disorders and practicing physicians in both primary care and other specialty fields who are seeking an overview of the field of Addiction Medicine.

Annual Conference Planning Committee Roster

Strategic Planning Task Force

Strategic Planning Task Force Roster

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee recommends candidates for the Vernelle Fox Award, an award that recognizes physicians who have made noteworthy and lasting contributions in line with the mission of the Society: contributions which improve the quality of health care services, increase communication and education among providers of care and add to the research on which the understanding of the field is based and on which the health care services are built. In addition, the committee nominates the Community Service award to recognize a non-physician who made outstanding contributions to the community. This CSAM award is presented based on merit and since 1985, it has been awarded to a wide variety legislators, activists, community leaders, etc., all with one thing in common: they have improved the lives of those suffering from the disease of addiction, and by doing so have contributed a valuable service to the community. The Awards Committee is chaired by CSAM’s Immediate Past President.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for nominating candidates for the CSAM Board of Directors, including CSAM’s Regional Director to ASAM. The Nominating Committee is chaired by CSAM’s Immediate Past President.

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