CSAM Vernelle Fox Award

Honoring an Inquiring Mind, Courage and Enthusiasm

An award named after the Society’s second President (1974-1976), Vernelle Fox, MD, as the model for future recipients to be measured for which she was honored in 1983 at the Tenth Annual Meeting. These qualities include:

  • Inquiring Mind – Contributions to the understanding of the Field
  • Courage – Resolution and tenacity
  • Enthusiasm – Energy for the positive

CSAM recognizes physicians who have made noteworthy and lasting contributions in line with the mission of the Society: contributions which improve the quality of health care services, increase communication and education among providers of care and add to the research on which the understanding of the field is based and on which the health care services are built.

CSAM Vernelle Fox Award Recipients

  • 2021 Kenneth Saffier, MD
  • 2020 Monika Koch, MD
  • 2019 Timmen Cermak, MD
  • 2018 Jean Marsters, MD
  • 2017 Barry Zevin, MD
  • 2016 David Kan, MD
  • 2015 Karen Miotto, MD
  • 2014 Steven Eickelberg, MD
  • 2013 George Koob, PhD
  • 2012 Judith Martin, MD
  • 2011 David Pating, MD
  • 2010 Lyman Boynton, MD
  • 2009 George Vaillant, MD
  • 2008 Barry Rosen, MD
  • 2007 Richard Rawson, PhD
  • 2006 Frank Vocci, PhD
  • 2005 Gary Jaeger, MD
  • 2004 Diana Sylvestre, MD
  • 2003 Joan Zweben, PhD
  • 2002 Walter Ling, MD
  • 2001 Linda Ferry, MD
  • 2000 H. Westley Clark, MD, JD, MPH
  • 1999 Donald R. Wesson, MD
  • 1998 Garrett O’Connor, MD
  • 1997 John N. Chappel, MD
  • 1996 James West, MD
  • 1995 Anthony B. Rafcliffe, MD
  • 1994 Jack D. Gordon, MD
  • 1993 George D. Lundberg, MD
  • 1992 J. Thomas Ungerleider, MD
  • 1991 Enoch Gordis, MD
  • 1990 Peter Banys, MD
  • 1989 Gill Ayotte, MD
  • 1989 Josette Mondanaro, MD
  • 1988 Jess Bromley, MD
  • 1987 Max Schneider, MD
  • 1986 David Smith, MD
  • 1985 Joseph Zuska, MD
  • 1984 Mary Pendry, PhD
  • 1983 Vernelle Fox, MD

2019 VERNELLE FOX AWARD – Tim Cermak, MD

2018 VERNELLE FOX AWARD – Jean Marsters, MD

This year’s recipient served as a CSAM committee member, a CSAM committee chair, and a board member of CSAM for nearly two decades since her residency at UCSF. Throughout this time, she walked and often ran in the same path as one of CSAM’s luminaries: Dr. John Chappel, who was known for his methodology of “teaching through interaction”, which became a cornerstone of CSAM’s medical education and training methodology. CSAM’s Continuing Medical Education (CME) program earned it the Samuel Sherman Award for Excellence from the California Medical Association, and re-accreditation with commendation from the Institute for Medical Quality which also awarded Dr. Marsters with “CME Provider of the Year Award”.

In recognition of her much-appreciated “obsession” for evidence-based education and learning that has ultimately influenced the thinking and practices of thousands of physicians in California and across the country, and for her vision, tireless efforts, and leadership as a teacher and mentor to physicians and others in the field of addiction medicine, CSAM presented Dr. Jean Marsters with the 2018 Vernelle Fox Award.

2017 Vernelle Fox Award presented to Barry Zevin, MD by Itai Danovitch, MD
2015 Vernelle Fox Award presented to Karen Miotto, MD by CSAM President Itai Danovitch, MD
2012 Vernelle Fox Award presented to Judith Martin, MD
2016 Vernelle Fox Award presented to David Kan, MD by Itai Danovitch, MD and Monika Koch, MD 
2014 Vernelle Fox Award presented to Steven J. Eickelberg, MD by Itai Danovitch, MD and Jeffery Wilkins, MD
2013 Vernelle Fox Award presented to George Koob, PhD by Jeffery Wilkins, MD
2011 Vernelle Fox Award presented to David Pating, MD by Timmen Cermak, MD