CSAM Community Service Award

Community Service – An award established in 1985 previously referred to as the Achievement or Merit Award, overtime, became the community service award.

The Community Service award recognizes a non-physician who made outstanding contributions to the community. This CSAM award is presented based on merit and since 1985, it has been awarded to a wide variety legislators, activists, community leaders, etc., all with one thing in common: they have improved the lives of those suffering from the disease of addiction, and by doing so have contributed a valuable service to the community.

CSAM Community Service Award Recipients

  • 2021 Senator Scott Wiener
  • 2020 Nadine Burke Harris, MD and Vincent Felitti, MD
  • 2019 David Lisonbee
  • 2018 Pauli Gray
  • 2017 Eliza Wheeler
  • 2016 April Rovero
  • 2015 Shannon Smith-Bernardin, PhD(c), RN, MSN, CLR
  • 2014 Assembly Member Tom Ammiano
  • 2013 Lawrence Neinstein, MD and Michele Kipke, PhD
  • 2012 Alice Gleghorn, PhD
  • 2011 Harriet Rosetto and Rabbi Mark Borovitz
  • 2010 Jerry Moe, M.A.
  • 2009 Assembly Member Jim Beall
  • 2008 Janis Thibault, MFT
  • 2007 Kristin Ochoa, MD
  • 2006 Wesley Chesbro
  • 2005 Ann Lindsay, MD
  • 2004 Gretchen Burns Bergman
  • 2003 Helen and Danny Leahy
  • 2002 Hon. John Burton
  • 2001 Father Terry Richie
  • 2000 No Award Given
  • 1999 Jack Sanow
  • 1998 Ruth King
  • 1997 Marty Jessup, RN, MS
  • 1996 Stanton Glantz, PhD
  • 1995 Lawrence Gentile
  • 1994 Reverend Cecil Williams
  • 1993 Gail Jara
  • 1992 Darryl Inaba, PharmD
  • 1991 No Award Given
  • 1990 Mrs. C. W. Roddy
  • 1989 Assemblyman Lloyd Connolly
  • 1989 Scott Newman Center
  • 1988 Tom and Katherine Pike
  • 1987 Betty Ford
  • 1986 Stephanie Brown, PhD
  • 1985 Joan Kroc


The CSAM Community Service Award is presented to a non-physician who has made outstanding contributions to the community. This year’s recipient – David Lisonbee – has for many years given help to those with substance use disorders. David was nominated for this award by Dr. Itai Danovitch, a member of the CSAM Awards Committee. Dr. Danovitch said this about David: “I was thrilled to nominate David Lisonbee for the CSAM Community Service Award.  David is President and Chief Executive Officer of Twin Town Treatment Centers, which operates a network of six Los Angeles and Orange County based outpatient addiction treatment programs. The programs David established take outstanding care of a wide range of patients across Los Angeles. But there are several additional reasons David merits our recognition. David has always been committed to quality—he has promoted quality within his programs and has advocated for it across Los Angeles at large.

David has always had an unequivocal commitment to maintaining access to patients who are disenfranchised. Through enormous ups and downs in the regulatory, policy, and financial environment over the decades, he has designed and refined his programs to maximize access for patients with limited means. In a field dominated by a recovery orientation that sometimes regards medical interventions, particularly medications, with weariness and suspicion, David was an early adopter of medication treatments for opioid and alcohol use disorders. He read the literature, and he got behind the science from the outset. David has had a fundamental commitment to promote adoption of evidenced based interventions. He has expressed this commitment not only by ensuring that his programs follow best practices, but also by personally partnering with academic physicians such as myself to formally study and evaluate the impact of interventions on patient outcomes.  Having both personal and professional investment in addiction recovery, David is an advocate for the addiction treatment profession, which includes fostering consumer, regulatory and political initiatives.  Finally, via his personal commitment, intelligence, persistence, and ingenuity, David has served as a model for advancing high quality care. His work has impacted the lives of countless individuals and families with addiction, and he has raised the standard of care in our community.”

2015 Community Service Award presented to Shannon Smith-Bernardin, PhD(c), RN, MSN, CLR, by CSAM President Itai Danovitch, MD
2013 Community Service Award presented to Lawrence Neinstein and to Michele Kipke, PhD
2014 Community Service Award presented to California State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano
2012 Community Service Award presented to Alice Gleghorn, PhD
2011 Community Service Award presented to Rabbi Mark Borowitz and Harriet Rossetto by CSAM President Jeffery Wilkins, MD