Board of Directors


Karen Anne Miotto, MD, DFASAM
UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute, UCLA Department of Psychiatry, Los Angeles


Sharone Abramowitz, MD, FASAM
Integrative Psychiatry & Addiction Medicine Practice, San Francisco and Oakland; Internal Medicine Residency, Alameda Health System, Oakland

Immediate Past President

Anthony Albanese, MD, DFASAM
Veterans Affairs of Northern CA Office of Academic Affiliations, Mather


Neal Mehra


Dana Harris, MD
Private Practice/Psychiatry, Los Angeles

Executive Director

Kim Andosca
CA Society of Addiction Medicine, Sacramento

At-Large Member

Mario San Bartolome, Jr., MD, MBA, MRO, QME, FASAM
Molina Healthcare, Inc., Long Beach

At-Large Member

Tauheed Zaman, MD

ASAM Region II Director

Itai Danovitch, MD, MBA
Chairman, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Neurosciences Cedars-Sinai, Los Angeles

MERF Representative

Ken Saffier, MD
Medical Education and Research Foundation (MERF), Martinez

Chair, Committee on Public Policy

Randy Holmes, MD, FASAM
PIH Health Physicians, Whittier

Chair, Committee on Integration and Access to Systems of Care

Ingeborg Schafhalter-Zoppoth, MD
California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisc

Chair, Committee on Communications (Newsletter)

Chwen-Yuen Angie Chen, MD, FACP, FASAM
Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, Redwood City 

Chair, Wellbeing

David Kan, MD, DFASAM
Addiction, Forensic, and General Psychiatry, Walnut Creek

Chair, Education

Mason Turner, MD, FASAM
Hawaii Permanente Medical Group, HI

Chair, Conference Planning

Mitika Kanabar 

Chair, Opioid

Matt Torrington

Chair, Membership


CSAM Presidents 1983-present

2019 Anthony Albanese, MD

2017 David Kan, MD

2015 Monika Koch, MD 

2013 Itai Danovitch, MD 

2011 Jeffery Wilkins, MD 

2009 Timmen Cermak, MD

2007 Judith Martin, MD 

2005 David Pating, MD

2003 Donald Kurth, MD 

2001 Gary Jaeger, MD 

1999 Peter Banys, MD 

1997 Gail Shultz, MD 

1995 William Brostoff, MD

1993 Richard Sandor, MD 

1991 Kevin Olden, MD

1989 P. Joseph Frawley, MD 

1988 Garrett O’Connor, MD 

1986 Anthony Radcliffe, MD 

1985 Jess Bromley, MD 

1983 Max Schneider, MD

CSAM Bylaws