CSAM Annual Awards

Each year, CSAM recognizes three outstanding professionals who have made noteworthy and lasting contributions that are:

  • In line with the mission of the Society
  • Improve the quality of health care services
  • Increase communication and education among providers of care and 
  • Add to the research and understanding of the field from which health care services are built 


Vernelle Fox – An award named after the Society’s second President (1974-1976), Vernelle Fox, MD, as the model for future recipients to be measured for which she was honored in 1983 at the Tenth Annual Meeting. These qualities include: Inquiring Mind – Contributions to the understanding of the Field; Courage – Resolution and tenacity; Enthusiasm – Energy for the Positive

Community Service – An award established in 1985 previously referred to as the Achievement or Merit Award, overtime, became the community service award.

ASAM Lifetime Achievement/Membership – An award that honors the profound contributions one has made to the field of addiction medicine.