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Community Consult Group
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What is it?

A group of addiction medicine physicians in an area that meet regularly at an informal location to discuss clinical issues collectively.
  • Network with your colleagues

  • Earn CME Credit

  • Keep up to date with your clinical skills

  • Share knowledge across specialties and practice settings

  • Have fun!

Read an article from CSAM News on the experience of one group.

Need help or advice? Contact the CSAM Office at 415-764-4855 or email

HOW to get CME credit (simple forms)  

1. To form and get official CSAM recognition for your group (only need to fill out once)
-- Application form
-- Disclosure form for each member of the group (can fill out at first meeting)
2. Submit the topic and objectives for each meeting
-- Brief Planning Form
3. Report on what happened
-- Post meeting report
-- Sign in Sheet

WHO: other addiction medicine physicians in your area

  • CSAM can provide you with a list of members in your area to invite.
  • Local colleagues you already know
  • Find local colleagues on your area by looking at association websites
-- CSAM Physician Locator (you can search by county)
-- AAAP "Find a Specialist" Page
  • Meet local colleagues at CSAM's annual conferences
  • Limit your group to 5 - 10 members

WHERE: pick a comfortable place to meet

  • Someone's living room works great
  • A quiet local restaurant with a private dining room could also work
  • Avoid impersonal work setting conference rooms

WHAT: pick a case-based clinical topic to discuss as you share a meal

  • Example topics: how to taper benzodiazepines, complex bupe case, relapsing smoker, managing PTSD and AUD
  • One person presents a case from their practice for 20 minutes
  • Group members have read an emailed relevant article or 2 beforehand
  • A potluck works well

WHEN: quarterly meetings

  • Pick a consistent week day evening
  • 2 hours works well, perhaps 7- 9 PM