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  • Starting Your Own Addiction Medicine Private Practice
  • Supervised Injection Sites: Part of a Comprehensive Public Health Approach
  • Flakka: A New Designer Drug in California
  • Top Line Briefing: Public Policy Matters That Affect You and Your Patients
  • President’s Message: CSAM Physicians Making A Difference
  • Fondly Remembering Garrett O’Connor
  • Drug Medi-Cal 1115 Demonstration Waiver

FALL 2015

  • Opioid Refugees: A Diverse Population Continues to Emerge By Tauheed Zaman, MD and Joan Striebel, MD
  • President’s Message How Do We Measure Up? By Itai Danovitch, MD
  • Report from the CSAM Task Force on Cannabis Policy
  • Perspective on Marijuana Legalization: A Conversation with Peter Banys, MD
  • Needed: 21st Century Physician Health Program By Karen Miotto, MD
  • Newly Formed CSAM Committee to Focus on Integration and Access to Systems of Care


  • CSAM Releases Consumer Guide and Scorecard on Health Insurance Coverage in California for Substance Use Disorders and Mental Health / Executive Summary by David Kan, MD and Itai Danovitch, MD
  • Victory at the Ballot Box and at the Governor’s Desk / Christy Waters, MD,
  • In Memoriam: Max Schneider, MD


  • Skyrocketing E-cigarette Use: Risk and Benefits Data Still Scant / Cathy McDonald, MD, MPH
  • Improving Availability of Naloxone and Saving Lives
  • CSAM Has Many Opportunities to Lead and Affect Change / Itai Danovitch, MD, CSAM President
  • Mobile App Review: eOpioid / Mario San Bartolome, MD
  • Marijuana Regulation Initiatives and Responsible Medical Advocacy / Timmen Cermak, MD and Peter Banys, MD, MSc

FALL 2013

  •  New Systems of Care for Substance Use Disorders: Impact of Health Care Reform by David Pating, MD
  • President’s Message: What Does CSAM Stand For?  By Jeffery Wilkins, MD
  • New Addiction Medicine Fellowship at Stanford  By Anna Lembke, MD
  • Public Policy Update
  • Book Review: Inside Rehab By C. Y. Angie Chen, MD

Winter 2013

  • Addiction Medicine Forum: An International Perspective
    Edited by Chwen-Yuen “Angie” Chen, MD
  • President’s Message: Announcing the Launch of Military Behavioral Health 
    by Jeffery Wilkins, MD
  • MERF: Inspiring a Career Transformation
    by Steven Eickelberg, MD
  • State Regulations for Drug Treatment Centers Must Include Doctors Making House Calls
    by Christy Waters, MD
  • California Public Protection and Physician Health (CPPPH)
    by Gail Jara
  • “911 Good Samaritan” Fatal Overdose Prevention

Summer 2012

  • Addressing Prescription Opioid Abuse, Starting with Efforts to Prevent Overdose Deaths
    by Jeffery Wilkins, MD
  • Countdown to 2014 -- The Promise of Adequate Care: Addiction Treatment under Health Care Reform
    by David Pating, MD
  • Policy Committee Advocating For Our Patients
    by Christy Waters, MD
  • Access to SUD Treatment Limited by MBHCO’s: Excluding Addiction Physicians
    by Thomas J. Brady, MD, MBA
  • Understanding CSAM’s Governance Process
    by Timmen Cermak, MD
  • CASA Columbia releases New Report: Addiction Medicine: Closing the Gap between Science and Practice
  • Methadone-Associated Deaths: Implications for Methadone Maintenance Treatment
    by Peter Banys, MD, MSc

Winter 2011-2012

  • Members Vote to Ratify "Youth First" Report
  • President's Message: Addiction Training of Primary Care Physicians May Reduce Stigma
  • Pating and O'Connor Recognized with Top Honors
  • Biennial Leadership Development Retreat
  • CSAM Receives Foundation Grant to Expand MERF
  • Policy Committee Seeks Member Involvement
  • Syringe Acess Bills Signed by Governor
  • Study Finds Prometa Ineffective

Spring 2011

  • Essential Education & Training in Addiction Medicine
  • The Five Skills Every Addiction Specialist Should Have
  • The Changing Face of Continuing Medical Education
  • Addiction Training for Pediatricians and Family Practice Physicians: A Critical Step to Reduce Underage Drinking
  • Newly Certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine (CSAM Review Course Attendees have 90% Pass Rate)
  • Book Review Corner: In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction by Gabor Mate, MD

Fall 2010

  • Behavioral Addictions with articles by Itai Danovitch, MD; Tim Fong, MD; Reef Karim, DO; Rob Weiss LCSW and Allen Francis, MD
  • Report from New Directions California Conference
  • Commentary on Marijuana Legalization Initiative by Peter Banys, MD
  • Donald Kurth, MD receives Father Martin Award

Summer 2010

  • CSAM's Position on Medical Marijuana
  • CSAM's Position on the Medical Aspects of Cannabis Legalization
  • CSAM Members Speak Out on Medical Marijuana
  • Preview of President Obama's Drug Control Policy
  • We Need to Decriminalize Addiction -- But How?
  • Addiction Medicine Review Course

Winter 2009/2010

  • CSAM Begins New "Barrier to Treatment Access" Project
  • Substance Use Disorder Insurance Parity Update
  • The Evolution of Addiction Medicine and Its San Francisco Roots
  • What is SBIRT? How Do You Do It and Teach It Effectively?
  • John Chappel, CSAM Education Pioneer, Honored
  • CSAM State of the Art Conference 2009
  • Alcoholism: Vice or Disease? A Conversation with Howard Fields

Summer 2009

  • CSAM Forum for Dialogue in Addiction Medicine: Health Care Reform
  • CSAM Leads the Way Toward Early Detection of Substance Abuse Risk
  • Voice of Addiction Medicine Heard in Sacramento
  • 2009 Addiction Medicine State of the Art Conference

Winter 2009

  • Forum on the Drinking Age Debate and the Amethyst Initiative
  • Rethinking Alcohol Education in the United States
  • Book Review: Outwitting Your Alcoholic
  • Addiction Medicine Review Course 2008
  • Meet Robert Harris CSAM's Policy Advisor
  • Progress Report: Creating a Legislatively-Mandated California Physician Health Program
  • How CSAM Repealed UPPL and Promoted SBIRT

Summer 2008

  • New Research Changes Landscape for Cannabis
  • Physician Health Takes Center Stage
  • The Battle Over Diversion Continues
  • AB 214 - Legislation to Create a New Physician Health Program for California
  • CSAM First to Endorse Proposition 5 - the Non-Violent Offender Rehabiliation Act of 2008 - for the November ballot!
  • Recap of Dual Diagnosis Course held at UCSF
  • 2008 Review Course on Addiction Medicine in Newport Beach, CA • October 22-25, 2008

Winter 2007-2008

  • Revisiting the Legalization/Decriminalization Debate
  • SBIRT: Understanding Its Significance to Addiction Medicine
  • Clinical Institute Narcotic Acssessment (CINA)
  • Don Wesson Tribute
  • Public Protection and Physician Health Programs
  • 2007 State of the Art in Los Angeles

Fall 2007

  • Forum: Medical Board Addiction Program Eliminated
  • What is UPPL and Why Does It Matter to Insurance Parity for Substance Abuse
  • Don Kurth: From Addict to Physician -- A Determined Life
  • CSAM Bluebrint for Treating Drug and Alcohol Addiction in California

Spring 2007 Issue

  • Addiction Treatment Belongs in the Community
  • CSAM Introduces Emergency Room Screening Bill
  • FORUM: Medication-Assisted Therapy and Socriety
  • Statement of Principles on Evidence-Based Medicine
  • Blueprint for Drug Addiction Treatment in California
  • Utilization Review 101: A Practical Guideline to Obtaining Benefit Authorization

Fall 2006 Issue

  • Perspectives on Hythiam's Prometa Treatment for Addiction
  • Insufficient Scientific Evidence for Prometa
  • CSAM Opposes Prop 36 Changes - Lawsuit Filed
  • Advisory on Deaths from Fentanyl
  • CSAM Releases Recommendations to California to Address the Methamphetamine Epidemic

Spring 2005 Issue

  • Proposition 36 Revisited
  • Update on the Medical Board's Diversion Program
  • Review and Interview with the author of "Descent"

Winter 2004 Issue

  • GHB Update: Use, Abuse and Treatment of Withdrawal
  • The Narconon Story
  • Addiction Medicine Review Course in San Diego
  • CSAM Opposes Merger of California Agencies

Spring 2004 (Vol. 30 No. 1)

  • Little Known Insurance Law Thwarts Screening in Emergency Rooms
  • CSAM Leaders meet with Governors Representatives
  • Substance Abuse Training in Medical Schools
  • Legislative Day 2 A Success
  • Deaths Not Linked to Methadone
  • Death and Drugs in Oklahoma
  • New Research on Buprenorphine
  • Addiction as a Brain Disease

Winter 2004 (Vol. 29, No. 2)

  • Addiction Medicine in China
  • CSAM A Strong Voice in State Capitol
  • UCLA Report on Proposition 36
  • Bioethics and Addiction Medicine
  • Book Review: Hooked
  • New Pain Guidelines

Summer 2003 (Vol. 29, No. 1)

  • Little Hoover Commission Takes a Stand for Addiction Treatment
  • CSAM Defends Methadone Maintenance
  • Physicians Begin Using Buprenorphine in Office Practice
  • CSAM Positions on Pending Legislation

Winter 2003 (Vol. 28 No. 3)

  • FDA Approves Burenorphine
  • New Parity Bill Introduced
  • Public Policy Committee Breaks New Ground
  • Driving With Benzodiazepines: Is it Safe?
  • Addiction Medicine in Germany
  • Book Review: Pain Management

Summer 2002 (Vol. 28 No. 2)

  • Addressing Policy Barriers to Drug Abuse Treatment in California
  • Naltrexone and the Treatment of Alcohol Dependence
  • Naltrexone and Opiate Addiction
  • Anesthesia Assisted Rapid Opiate Detoxification
  • FDA Turns Down Acamprosate
  • David Smith and the Olympics

Spring 2002 (Vol. 28, No. 1)

  • California Drug Courts Denying Methadone
  • CSAM Thriving Due to Intense Volunteer Efforts
  • Legislation Introduced to End Artificial Methadone/LAAM Dose Limits
  • Take Home Meds for Opiate Addicts
  • CSAM 2001 Awards

Fall 2001 (Vol. 27, No. 4)

  • Parity for Addiction Treatment is Good Care and Good Business Practice
  • New Era Begins Under proposition 36
  • A Neurophysiological Theory for Alcohol-Induced Amnesia (Blackouts)
  • Forensic Business Consultation Regarding Corporations and Businesses

Spring 2001 (Vol. 27, No. 3)

  • Proposition 36 in the Real World
  • CSAM Working Paper on Proposition 36 Implementation
  • CSAM Leading Effort on New Parity Bill
  • Private Sector Funding For Treatment Declines
  • Shoveling Up: Impact of Substance Abuse on State Budgets
  • Buprenorphine Update
  • Supreme Court Affirms Right to Confidential Medical Care
  • Research Notes: Naltrexone Efficacy; Risks Benefits of Benzodiazepines for Ancxiety Disorder in Patients with History of Substance Abuse; Insomnia and Relapse to Alsoholism
  • More...

Fall 2000 (Vol. 27, No. 2)

  • Why CSAM Backed Prop. 36
  • Treat Opiate Dependence in the Office
  • Psychotherapy and the Treatment of Alcohol Dependence (Donald R. Wesson, MD)
  • Tobacco Free Treatment in the New Millennium (Cathy McDonald, MD)
  • New Forensics Column: Violence and Stimulant Abuse (Douglas Tucker, MD)
  • Primary Care Physicians Failing to Recognize Substance Abuse
  • David Smith on Jess W. Bromley, MD
  • CSAM Honors Gail Jara
  • Checklist on Who Should be Referred for Evaluation (Norman Reynolds, MD
  • Physician Impairment Workshops
  • Is Disability Insurance Going the Way of Managed Care (Gary Nye, MD)
  • SB 1807 Passes
  • Web Site of Interest
  • CME Listings

Spring 2000 (Vol. 27, No. 1)

  • New CSAM Website:
  • California Legislation: Parity for Substance Abuse Treatment (Gary Jaeger, MD)
  • Addiction Education: A Call to Arms (David Pating, MD)
  • Paradigm Shifts in Substance Abuse Treatment (Peter Banys, MD)
  • My Wish List for Addiction Treatment in California (John McCarthy, MD)
  • CSAM and the Diversion Program for Physicians (William Brostoff, MD)
  • Report from May 11 Meeting of the Medical Board's Task Force on the Diversion Program (Peter Banys, MD)
  • Buprenorphine Status Report
  • Diversion Liaison Committee Commends Gail Jara
  • CSAM Supports Two Court Cases
  • CSAM Review Course 2000
  • CME Listings
  • News About Members
  • Brief Reviews

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