MBC Seeking Qualified Expert Reviewers in Addiction Medicine

When complaints are made to the Medical Board of California (MBC) about a physician, the Enforcement Division evaluates them.  Some cases require review by a physician experienced in the appropriate practice area, and for that the Medical Board maintains a roster of Expert Reviewers who are to provide impartial opinions to aid in the investigation and the enforcement functions. 

In 2011, three to five cases per month were sent for review in matters related to addiction, but reviewers were not always readily available to make the evaluations and reports to the MBC.  Now, the Medical Board is seeking to add to their list of experts in addiction medicine. 

“The mission of the Board is consumer protection,” said Renee Threadgill, Chief of Enforcement.  “The only way to accomplish that is if we have physicians involved who can review for the standard of care and how it is applied.  We rely on the expert reviewers to insure that we are doing the right thing.”

Reviewers are paid $150 per hour for conducting case reviews and $200 an hour for providing expert testimony.  Under the MBC system, Expert Reviewers also conduct oral competency exams ($150/hour) and do physical or psychiatric examinations for the Medical Board with payment of usual and customary fees.

To see a description of the expert reviewer program and read sample (fictionalized) reports, go to http://www.mbc.ca.gov/licensee/expert_reviewer.html

For information, contact Susan Goetzinger, the MBC Program Analyst in charge of the Expert Reviewer Program at 818-551-2129 or Susan.Goetzinger@mbc.ca.gov.