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Guidelines for Physicians Working in California Opioid Treatment Programs


Guidelines for Physicians Working in California Opioid Treatment Programs

(Published April 2019)

EDITORS: Walter Ling, MD; Deborah Stephenson, MD, MPH; Ernie Vasti, MD

These guidelines are intended to assist Opioid Treatment Program physicians in understanding their role and responsibilities in treatment, including those areas governed by state or federal regulation. These describe the role of the physician in an OTP and the clinical judgment involved in the development of an appropriate treatment plan for the delivery of patient care. These describe responsibilities that should be carried out by the physician or the physician’s designee. These do not prescribe a standard of care, or specific treatment choices. Judgment regarding specific clinical situations must be made on the basis of the clinical information available and on the treatment options available.


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Standards of Care for Adolescent Substance Use cover


Standards of Care for Adolescent Substance Use

(Adopted by the CSAM Board of Directors October 2017)


Passage of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (Prop 64) provides California the opportunity and obligation to demonstrate that legal regulation of marijuana can be achieved not only without jeopardizing youth safety but can also improve drug education, prevention, early intervention and treatment of adolescent substance use. An estimated1164,000 secondary students used marijuana 10 or more days each month (114,000 of whom used marijuana 20+ days per month) and an estimated 72,000 acknowledge binge drinking more than 10 days a month2. Multiple careful studies have established that adolescents are more vulnerable to alcohol, marijuana, tobacco (including e-cigarettes) and other drug-related problems than adults, and documented levels of use prior to implementation of legalized recreational marijuana are cause for concern.


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