Leadership Development Retreat

The CSAM Leadership Development Retreat is a biennial invitation-only multi-day weekend event for current and future CSAM leaders to network and gain new knowledge and skills that can help in their practice as well as prepare for a successful leadership position in CSAM. Past Leadership Development Retreat: June 7-9, 2019 * Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove, CA

Learn what it takes to make even more of an impact. Join with your peers to:

  • Understand what the future will hold for stimulants, opioids, and cannabis
  • Develop your pitch on a variety of addiction subjects derived from ASAM and CSAM perspectives that are unique to your delivery style. Articulate brief, concise, and to the point statements that can help you in your practice while advancing addiction recovery as a whole
  • Plan your future with an eye on ethics and preserving your reputation while making a difference
  • Help advance the mission of CSAM in offering impactful education, effective advocacy for members and their patients; upwards leadership in influential state and national roles; and access to high quality addiction treatment in California 
  • Discover new technology relevant to our field and to help you in your practice
  • Network, share perspectives and connect during our breaks and special morning, afternoon and evening optional events
  • Gain an understanding of current policies and how to be a catalyst for change
  • See how CSAM is paving the way to advance addiction recovery, help shape the future and be a part of implementing the strategic plan

This event is designed for current CSAM leaders and those members who are interested in becoming future leaders of CSAM. If you are interested in becoming active in CSAM and attending this event, please email csam@csam-asam.org.