CSAM Awards (1983 to Present)

The CSAM Vernelle Fox and Community Service Awards are presented annually

2017 Awards

Both of the 2017 recipients have been involved in efforts to bring supervised injection facilities to San Francisco – an effort CSAM is actively supporting through its public policy efforts. In 2017 CSAM co-sponsored legislation for this purpose: AB 186 (Eggman)

2017 CSAM Vernelle Fox Award: Barry Zevin, MD

Dr. Zevin was selected to receive this award for his over twenty-five years of providing medical care for the homeless on the streets, under freeways, in parks or wherever his patients are; for believing, and always saying, with total authenticity, that change is possible; for being a tireless advocate of utilizing innovative harm reduction strategies that have not only saved lives, but have served as a model to embolden other communities to do the same; and for reflecting the contributions and qualities Vernelle Fox, MD demonstrated: an inquiring mind, courage, resolution, tenacity, enthusiasm, and energy for the positive.

Dr. Barry Zevin is pictured here receiving the award on August 25, 2017 at the San Francisco Hilton from Dr. Itai Danovitch, Chair of CSAM's Awards Committee




2017 CSAM Community Service Award: Eliza Wheeler

Eliza Wheeler was selected to receive this award in recognition of extraordinary and unrelenting determination to provide help to those in need and to educate the community about harm reduction measures that save lives. Ms. Wheeler oversees the Harm Deduction Coalition’s efforts to prevent overdose deaths in the San Francisco/Bay Area. She is the head of project DOPE (Drug Overdose Prevention and Education) which has been the leading force in naloxone distribution in the community.  Prior to joining Harm Reduction Coalition, Eliza ran the Cambridge Needle Exchange for eight years and helped develop the overdose prevention program in Massachusetts. Working to prevent overdose deaths remains her main passion to this day. As a direct service provider and program manager, she received several awards for her work in Massachusetts, including the Exemplary Leader in Prevention Award from the Cambridge Prevention Coalition in 2007, the Open Door Award from Mt. Auburn Hospital in 2007, the New England Prevention Alliance (NEPA) Activist of the Year Award in 2003 and the Outreach Educator of the Year Award, MA Department of Public Health/Boston Public Health Commission in 2002. Ms. Wheeler has two Masters degrees from Suffolk University in Crime and Justice Studies with a concentration on drug policy and Public Administration. Academically, she has focused on examining how drug policy, the criminal justice system and public health intersect and on ways to improve the effectiveness of non-profit organizations in the community.

Ms. Eliza Wheeler is pictured here receiving the award at the San Francisco Hilton on August 25, 2017 from Dr. Itai Danovitch, Chair of CSAM's Awards Committee

2016 Awards

2016 Vernelle Fox Award: David Kan, MD

From left: CSAM Immediate Past President Itai Danovitch, MD, David Kan, MD; CSAM President Monika Koch, MD

Dr. Kan was chosen to receive this award because of his exceptional work as editor of the first of its kind "Consumer Guide and Scorecard for Health Insurance Coverage in California for Substance Use Disorders and Mental Health" in which he led an expert panel of CSAM member physicians through an extensive project of rating access to addiction care available through insurance plans offered by Covered California.

2016 Community Service Award: April Rovero

From left: CSAM Immediate Past President Itai Danovitch, MD, April Rovero; CSAM President Monika Koch, MD

April Rovero was honored for her outstanding service as Executive Director of the National Coalition Against Prescription Drug Abuse generating nationwide awareness about the dangers of prescription drug abuse and reducing prescription drug related overdose deaths. 



2015 Awards

2015 Vernelle Fox Award to Karen Miotto, MD 

The award was presented on October 23, 2015 to Dr. Miotto for outstanding contributions to the field of Addiction Medicine as a nationally-recognized researcher, educator, and clinician; contributions over the past twenty years that have improved the quality of health care services, increased communication and education among providers of care, expanded the understanding of treatment of substance abuse and pain management for individuals with addictive disease; and in appreciation of the persistence and vision she brings to through her advocacy for physician health; and in recognition of her steadfast commitment to caring for patients and for the inspiration she provides in translating research and education into enthusiasm and hope for addiction treatment.



2015 Community Service Award to Shannon Smith-Bernardin, PhD(c), RN, MSN, CLR by CSAM President Itai Danovitch, MD

The award was presented on October 23, 2015 to Dr. Smith-Bernardin for outstanding work as Deputy Director for the San Francisco Medical Respite and Sobering Center, as a registered nurse with the San Francisco Department of Public Health providing care to the acutely intoxicated in San Francisco; demonstrating acceptance and compassion, building trust and engagement, resulting many times in decreased alcohol use or abstinence; and in recognition extraordinary and unrelenting determination to provide help to those in need and to educate the community about the disease of addiction and the important needs of this vulnerable population.


2014 Awards

CSAM presented the Vernelle Fox Award to Steven J. Eickelberg, MD

CSAM presented the Community Service Award to California State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano

2013 Awards

Vernelle Fox Award to George Koob, Ph.D. by CSAM President Jeffery Wilkins, MD

CSAM presented the Community Service Award to Lawrence Neinstein and to Michele Kipke, Ph.D.

2012 Awards

Presentation of the 2012 Vernelle Fox Award to Judith Martin, MD

Presentation of the Community Service Award to Alice Gleghorn, PhD

2011 Awards 

Presentation of Lifetime Achievement Award to Garrett O'Connor, MD




2011 Vernelle Fox Award presented to David Pating, MD by Timmen Cermak, MD






2011 Community Service Award presented to Rabbi Mark Borowitz and Harriet Rossetto by Jeffery Wilkins, MD


Honoring an Inquiring Mind, Courage, Enthusiasm

CSAM wishes to recognize physicians who have made noteworthy and lasting contributions in line with the mission of the Society: contributions which improve the quality of health care services, increase communication and education among providers of care and add to the research on which the understanding of the field is based and on which the health care services are built.

Because the Society has designated its second President (1974-1976), Vernelle Fox, MD, as the model against which future recipients will be measured, the criteria for selection will reflect the contributions and qualities for which she was honored in 1983 at the Society’s Tenth Annual Meeting: an inquiring mind (contributions to the understanding of the field), courage (resolution, tenacity) and enthusiasm (energy for the positive)."

  • 2017, Barry Zevin, MD
  • 2016, David Kan, MD
  • 2015, Karen Miotto, MD
  • 2014, Steven Eickelberg, MD
  • 2013, George Koob, PhD
  • 2012 Judith Martin, MD
  • 2011 David Pating, MD
  • 2010 Lyman Boynton, MD
  • 2009 George Vaillant, MD
  • 2008 Barry Rosen, MD
  • 2007 Richard Rawson, PhD
  • 2006 Frank Vocci, PhD
  • 2005 Gary Jaeger, MD
  • 2004 Diana Sylvestre, MD
  • 2003 Joan Zweben, PhD
  • 2002 Walter Ling, MD
  • 2001 Linda Ferry, MD
  • 2000 H. Westley Clark, MD, JD, MPH
  • 1999 Donald R. Wesson, MD
  • 1998 Garrett O'Connor, MD
  • 1997 John N. Chappel, MD
  • 1996 James West, MD
  • 1995 Anthony B. Rafcliffe, MD
  • 1994 Jack D. Gordon, MD
  • 1993 George D. Lundberg, MD
  • 1992 J. Thomas Ungerleider, MD
  • 1991 Enoch Gordis, MD
  • 1990 Peter Banys, MD
  • 1989 Gill Ayotte, MD
  • 1989 Josette Mondanaro, MD
  • 1988 Jess Bromley, MD
  • 1987 Max Schneider, MD
  • 1986 David Smith, MD
  • 1985 Joseph Zuska, MD
  • 1984 Mary Pendry, PhD
  • 1983 Vernelle Fox, MD


Established by the Executive Council in August, 1985 as the Achievement Award or the Merit Award, over time, it came to be called the Community Service Award.
  • 2017, Eliza Wheeler
  • 2016, April Rovero
  • 2015, Shannon Smith-Bernardin, PhD(c), RN, MSN, CLR
  • 2014 Assembly Member Tom Ammiano
  • 2013 Lawrence Neinstein, MD and Michele Kipke, PhD
  • 2012 Alice Gleghorn, PhD
  • 2011 Harriet Rosetto and Rabbi Mark Borovitz
  • 2010 Jerry Moe, M.A.
  • 2009 Assembly Member Jim Beall
  • 2008 Janis Thibault, MFT
  • 2007 Kristin Ochoa, MD
  • 2006 Wesley Chesbro
  • 2005 Ann Lindsay, MD
  • 2004 Gretchen Burns Bergman
  • 2003 Helen and Danny Leahy
  • 2002 Hon. John Burton
  • 2001 Father Terry Richie
  • 2000 not given
  • 1999 Jack Sanow
  • 1998 Ruth King
  • 1997 Marty Jessup, RN, MS
  • 1996 Stanton Glantz, PhD
  • 1995 Lawrence Gentile
  • 1994 Reverend Cecil Williams
  • 1993 Gail Jara
  • 1992 Darryl Inaba, PharmD
  • 1991 No award given
  • 1990 Mrs. C. W. Roddy
  • 1989 Assemblyman Lloyd Connolly
  • 1989 Scott Newman Center
  • 1988 Tom and Katherine Pike
  • 1987 Betty Ford
  • 1986 Stephanie Brown, PhD
  • 1985 Joan Kroc

    CSAM Presidents 1982 - 2017

  • 2017, Itai Danovitch, MD
  • 2015 Monika Koch, MD
  • 2013 Itai Danovitch, MD
  • 2011 Jeffery Wilkins, MD
  • 2009 Timmen Cermak, MD
  • 2007 Judith Martin, MD
  • 2005 David Pating, MD
  • 2003 Donald Kurth, MD
  • 2001 Gary Jaeger, MD
  • 1999 Peter Banys, MD
  • 1997 Gail Shultz, MD
  • 1995 William Brostoff, MD
  • 1993 Richard Sandor, MD
  • 1991 Kevin Olden, MD
  • 1989 P. Joseph Frawley, MD
  • 1988 Garrett O'Connor, MD
  • 1986 Anthony Radcliffe, MD
  • 1985 Jess Bromley, MD
  • 1983 Max Schneider, MD