Committee on Education

Prepares a long range plan and implement CME activities of the Society; ensures that all CME activities offered by CSAM meet the standards of the Society and the accreditation standards of the California Medical Association; acts for the Society (with no action of the Executive Council required) in all matters related to programs of continuing medical education.

  • Jean Marsters, MD, Chair
  • Sharone Abramowitz, MD
  • Anthony Albanese, MD
  • Soraya Azari, MD
  • William Brostoff, MD
  • H. Westley Clark, MD
  • Dana Harris, MD
  • Anna Lembke, MD
  • Paula Lum, MD
  • Kenneth Saffier, MD, MERF Representative
  • Ingeborg Schafhalter-Zoppoth, MD, 2019 Review Course Vice-Chair
  • Hannah Snyder, MD, Fellow
  • John Tsuang, MD
  • Mason Turner, MD
  • Tauheed Zaman, MD, 2019 Review Course Chair


Committee on Opioids

Make recommendations for CSAM and drafts policy statements for approval by the Executive Council; makes the addiction medicine physician's voice heard on legislative and regulatory matters affecting treatment for opioid dependence; recommends to the Committee on Education educational activities on the treatment of opioid dependence.  

  • David Kan, MD, Chair
  • Soraya Azari, MD
  • Peter Banys, MD
  • Diana Coffa, MD
  • Walter Ling, MD
  • Paula Lum, MD
  • John McCarthy, MD
  • Steven Ruh, MD
  • Kenneth Saffier, MD
  • Brad Shapiro, MD
  • Scott Steiger, MD
  • Matt Torrington, MD
  • Ernest Vasti, MD
  • Hannah Snyder, MD, Fellow



Committee on Public Policy

Prepares recommendations for CSAM policy, position statements and activities intended to influence public policy in California about matters related to treatment and prevention of addictive disease and the public health and safety related to alcohol, nicotine and other drug use; monitors legislative and regulatory activity at the Federal, State, and/or County levels; identifies other like-minded organizations and recommends alliances.

  • Randolph Holmes, MD, Chair
  • Angella Barr, MD
  • Peter Banys, MD
  • Timmen Cermak, MD
  • Itai Danovitch, MD
  • John Fullerton, MD
  • Deirdre Habermehl, MD
  • Candy Joreteg, MD
  • David Kan, MD
  • Monika Koch, MD
  • Anna Lembke, MD
  • Judith Martin, MD, Consultant
  • Jeremy Martinez, MD
  • Catherine McDonald, MD
  • David Pating, MD
  • Nichole Quick, MD
  • Carol Rogala, MD
  • David Sack, MD
  • Kenneth Saffier, MD, MERF Representative
  • Mario San Bartolome, MD
  • Lee Snook, MD
  • Christy S. Waters, MD
  • Jeffery Wilkins, MD



Committee on Physician Well-Being

Reviews issues related to physician health and impairment; develops CSAM position statements;  serves as a resource to hospital medical staffs and well-being committees needing guidance to inspire and rejuvenate referral efforts; speaks for CSAM at the Medical Board and other meetings. 

  • Karen Miotto, MD, Chair
  • Denise Fuson, MD
  • Matt Goldenberg, DO
  • David Granovetter, MD
  • John Harsany, MD
  • Monika Koch, MD
  • Paul "Mike" Nerz, MD
  • Michael Parr, MD
  • David Pating, MD
  • Stephanie Shaner, MD
  • Greg Skipper, MD
  • Lee Snook, MD



Committee on Communications

The Committee on Communications is responsible for all of CSAM's regular publications such as the newsletter and web site, insuring that each contributes to the mission of the Society and furthers its goals and objectives. The Committee on Communications exercises the final responsibility for and decision about the content of CSAM's regular publications.

  • Angie Chen, MDChair and Newsletter Editor


Committee on Membership

Develops and maintains a system to increase and retain the Society's membership; develops and implements strategies to increase the involvement of members in the activities of the Society; monitors the changes in the number of members and the demographic characteristics of the members and reports findings to the Executive Council

  • Marty Wunsch, MD, Chair
  • Angella Barr, MD
  • Joseph Frawley, MD
  • Chinyere Ogbonna, MD


Committee on Integration and Access to Systems of Care

The Committee works to achieve: access to patient-centered, evidence-based, treatment for all patients at risk for substance use disorders (SUDs), including a focus on access to treatment for the historically underserved. The Committee will promote: integration of evidence-based addiction treatment with primary care and other systems of care based on best systems practices; adoption of health system performance standards related to SUDs; SUD education and training standards for physicians, and; elimination of barriers that prevent quality addiction treatment for all, including financial, geographic, treatment ‘silos’, and cultural biases. The Committee will implement these goals through:1) recommendations to the Committee on Education regarding related educational activities; 2) recommendations to the Committee on Public Policy regarding related policy initiatives; 3) reviewing guidelines and performance standards appropriate for implementation in California; 4) identifying other key organizations and stakeholders with whom CSAM should partner to achieve shared goals, and; 5) facilitating CSAM membership involvement with these goals.

  • Sharone Ann Abramowitz, MD, Chair
  • Angella Barr, MD
  • Py Driscoll, MD
  • Matthew Goldenberg, DO
  • Brian Hurley, MD, MBA
  • Lori Karan, MD
  • Marie Mulligan, MD, Member Candidate
  • Dagmar Inez Liepa, MD
  • Paula Lum, MD
  • Judith Martin, MD
  • David Pating, MD
  • Mario F. San Bartolome, MD
  • Ingeborg Schafhalter-Zoppoth, MD
  • Roderick Shaner, MD
  • Christine Soran, MD, MPH, Fellow
  • David Tian, MD
  • Gary Tsai, MD
  • Barry Zevin, MD



The 2019 Review Course Planning Committee: TBA