Form a CSAM Community Consult Group

What is it?

A group of addiction medicine physicians in an area that meet regularly at an informal location to discuss clinical issues collectively.

  • Network with your colleagues
  • Earn CME Credit
  • Keep up to date with your clinical skills
  • Share knowledge across specialties and practice settings
  • Have fun!

Read an article from CSAM News on the experience of one group.
Need help or advice? Contact the CSAM Office at 415-764-4855 or email 

HOW to get CME credit (simple forms)

The forms below are interactive pdf files.  You can enter the information directly into the form and submit the form to the CSAM offfice by clicking on the button at the bottom of the form.  If the form opens in your browser (instead of downloading) it is best to save it to your desktop before filling it out.

  1. To form and get official CSAM recognition for your group (only need to fill out once)
    -- Application form
    -- Disclosure form for each member of the group (can fill out at first meeting)
  2. Submit the topic and objectives for each meeting
    -- Brief Planning Form
  3. Report on what happened
    -- Post meeting report
    -- Sign in Sheet

WHO: other addiction medicine physicians in your area

  • CSAM can provide you with a list of members in your area to invite.
  • Local colleagues you already know
  • Find local colleagues on your area by looking at association websites
  • Meet local colleagues at CSAM's annual conferences
  • Limit your group to 5 - 10 members

WHERE: pick a comfortable place to meet

  • Someone's living room works great
  • A quiet local restaurant with a private dining room could also work
  • Avoid impersonal work setting conference rooms

WHAT: pick a case-based clinical topic to discuss as you share a meal

  • Example topics: how to taper benzodiazepines, complex bupe case, relapsing smoker, managing PTSD and AUD
  • One person presents a case from their practice for 20 minutes
  • Group members have read an emailed relevant article or 2 beforehand
  • A potluck works well

WHEN: quarterly meetings

  • Pick a consistent week day evening
  • 2 hours works well, perhaps 7- 9 PM